Letter of Intent for Promotion Template – Format, Sample & Examples

A Letter of intent for promotion is written when you apply for promotion within or outside an organization. Many employees who look for promotion write this letter to employers. It is the same as a cover letter but has more details. It does not provide your detailed qualifications only but also your achievement as well as your career goals.

How to Write a Letter of Intent for Promotion

You can see the samples while writing the letter of intent for promotion as it will help you to write the letter perfectly. You should follow the correct format and tips to write the impressive letter of intent for promotion.

By this letter, express your intention that you are applying for the promotion. You should start writing with the position for which you are applying. You also need to write your current position. In your first paragraph just write down the basic information such as qualifications and work experience, then you need to outline your achievements in the company till now such as awards you have received on this position and how many clients you handle. 

In your next paragraph, you should explain why you are eligible for this position or promotion. Then you need to talk about your future plans and what you can bring to this organization in the future. At last, you should talk about the ways how you can save money, make a good public image and benefit the company.

All in all, you have to write in the letter why you are perfect for the position and benefits the company can have by having you in that position.

Sample Letter of Intent for Job Promotion

To Manager
ACK enterprises
New York

Dear Sir,

I have come to know about the vacancy for the post of Senior Officer in your bank. I am writing this letter to apply for this post.

I am currently working in ABC bank as Officer. I have a total experience of 7 years, four years in my current position of Officer in the Sales Department and the other three years as a Junior Officer in the same department.

With my huge experience in the Sales Department, I feel that I am eligible enough for the Senior Officer post at your bank. As a Sales Officer, I have many responsibilities such as handling the customers, opening new accounts, increase CASA and many more. I won 3 awards as an employee of the year and also have many certifications.

It would be my pleasure to work in your organization as a Senior Officer. Kindly accept my resume for consideration for this job and allow me to serve at your bank. I look forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,


Sample Letter of Intent for Promotion within Company

To Bank Manager
CK Institute

Dear Mr. Dow,

I am very delighted about growing my career in ABC Company and writing this letter to apply for the Manager position. I joined this company 3 years ago as a Team leader. It was my pleasure to work with a highly talented team in this company. I shall surely bring good growth to this company in the future.

I have been handling many clients during my tenure in the company. I have a team of 10 employees under me. I keep conducting meetings with them on a daily basis and guide them. I have many other responsibilities as a team leader. During my tenure, I have gained many development skills. I also have been awarded as the best performer many times.

Now I think I am eligible enough to be a manager in this company.  I appreciate your consideration and also look forward to discussing for promotion at your convenience. Kindly let me know if I am missing any information.



Letter of Intent to Apply for a Position

To Recruitment manager
IACK enterprises

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am penning down this letter to apply for the post of Junior Engineer at ABC enterprises. I would love to be a part of your organization. I am a graduate in computer science and completed my degree from the best college in California. I also have practical experience of 3 years in a retail company.

I would love to improve my knowledge in this profession within your organization. I also know about the work quality of your organization which keeps the organization up in ranking. If you give me an opportunity to work with your organization, I shall definitely bring a strong strategy to your organization with my experience and knowledge. Kindly see the CV enclosed with this letter. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me at abc@123.com.

I look forward to hear from your side. Thanks for your consideration and time.



Letter of Intent for Promotion Template in PDF and Word

Letter of Intent for Job Promotion

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Letter of Intent to Apply for a Position

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Letter of Intent for Promotion within Company

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Letter of Intent for Promotion Template in PDF Format

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Letter of Intent for Promotion Template in Word Format

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