Hospital Complaint Letter Template Sample and Examples

A hospital complaint letter is the formal letter of complaint that addresses the complaint to the hospital authorities. The letter can be written either by the patient or by the hospital staff or the other stakeholders. This letter can address the several types of issues regarding the services of the hospitals regarding the misconduct of the doctors/hospital staff or such others sick practices of the hospital.

hospital complaint letter

Hospital is the place where a person goes with the hope of attaining better health in the physical and mental context. For the same reason, the services of the hospital play a big role in the satisfaction of the patients. It has a significant influence on the treatment of the patients and their ultimate well-being.

In some scenarios, such incidents take place which causes serious trouble to the patients regarding their treatment and such other aspects. These are the issues that require immediate attention from the higher official authorities of the hospital. The best way to bring the attention of the hospital authorities to the complaints and the issues within the hospital is to address the complaint letter to hospital authorities. Here in the article, we shall make our discussion on drafting an effective letter of complaint against the hospital.

How to Write a Complaint Letter to a Hospital?

Writing the complaint letter is no big deal however some parameters should be kept in mind while writing this letter. We are here going to cover up them all for the reference of our readers.

  • Choose the proper template of the letter which works perfectly for the theme of the Complaint letter.
  • You need to address the letter to the right authorities to have the response and attention from the hospital on the letter.
  • Mention your issue or the problem in the letter from the hospital.
  • Keep the letter precise and to the point of the subject only.
  • Urge for quick action from the authorities for the cause of complaint
  • End the letter on a polite note and have better expectations from the hospital management.

Well, in this section of the article we are going to cover up the sample of this complaint letter for the reference of our readers. They can take the sample letter as their guide to writing their letter.

Sample Hospital Complaint Letter
15th March 2020

Ashley Jane
Head of Management at Fortis Hospital
Texas 234742, USA

Subject - Hospital Complaint Letter

Dear Ma'am,

I'm writing this complaint letter to bring a  very disappointing and the unsatisfactory medical services from the Fortis hospital. I recently made my visit to the hospital for the treatment of ulcers through the operation. The operation was conducted finely however the surgeon left a small scissor inside my gut.

I came to realize it after a few days when I felt the sudden and chronic pain from within. Later I went for the x-ray and the same is shown in my reports. I was almost on the verge of death as the infection was gradually spreading throughout my internal organs due to this fatal mistake of your hospital surgeon named _______. I don't know what kind of punishment he deserves for putting my life in danger. In conclusion, I just request you to please take strong action against the doctor so that he can never commit such a mistake to end the life of any innocent.

Thanks & regards
Dino James

So, with this sample letter of complaint against the doctor of the hospital one can have the due exposure of the letter. In a likewise manner you can complain directly against the hospital for the unsatisfactory services.

Hospital Complaint Letter in PDF & Word

Hospital Complaint Letter

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Sample Hospital Complaint Letter

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