Free Fax Cover Sheet Template [PDF, Word, Google Docs]- (FAQ)

Fax Cover Sheet: In the world of internet and e-mails, Fax still remains one of the most secure and confidential means of sending information across two remote locations. The secrecy and reliability of the Fax machines make it an ideal medium for information exchange between government bodies, a businessman and his client, between two business partners and much more. However, one must ensure that some etiquette is maintained in order to personalize the Fax message. One such norm is to send a fax cover letter before sending the actual Fax message.

What is a fax cover sheet?

A cover letter is an optional thing when it comes to sending Fax messages but it helps to send important pointers to the recipient of the message. If you want to understand it in a simple language, consider it to be the envelope of your Fax message which contains information like the information of the sender, information of the recipient, Fax number of the sender, contact number of the sender, and other crucial information such as whether the sender is expecting an urgent response or any other confidential data that only the two communicating parties can identify.

Fax Cover Sheet Sample with Example 

There are different types of cover letters that can be used by the sender of a Fax in order to authenticate his/her Fax message. The structure and format of this template differ with the purpose of sending the cover sheet and it also depends on the actual Fax message that will be sent to the receiver once he confirms the receipt of the delivered cover letter. You can find a cover letter in PDF and word formats easily on the internet. However, you need to identify the template and format which suits your interaction and message perfectly in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion afterward.

Types of Fax Cover Sheet

Here are some of the most common types of cover letters for fax:

1) Free Basic Fax Cover Sheet

A basic cover letter for fax is what most of individuals and businesses follow while sending a message. It contains the basic information of the sender and recipient along with the additional information that whether the information is urgent, has to be responded to, etc. It does not contain any other vital information apart from this.

It is not hard to prepare a basic cover letter and you can also refer to some sample cover letters that are readily available on many fax cover letter sites on the internet.

fax cover sheet pdf


It also carries details such as e-mail, phone number, and Fax number of the sender. It is more suited for business and professional faxes and contains checkboxes to specify whether the fax is urgent, meant for review or whether the receiver has to quickly reply. Also, there is abundant space for the sender to type any message which usually is personal in nature.

fax cover sheet


2) Generic Fax Cover Sheet

A generic fax letter is a typical cover letter you send to the recipient as the first document via fax. This holds true for both the traditional fax mode i.e. via a machine or through the online fax unit.

A generic cover letter must carry the title of the cover letter and the same as the sender or organization. It might also carry a logo of the organization which is about to send the fax message. Also, it can be used for sending any type of personal, business, or professional message since it has a generic nature to it.

There are many samples of generic cover letters on the internet and you can download the PDF or word format of these samples either for your reference or for directly using it in your fax machine.

fax cover sheet


3) Personal Fax Cover Sheet

A personal fax letter also known as a personal information cover letter must be only used as a cover for personal fax messages. It is mandatory that it contains a message specifying that this message should be ignored or discarded if it appears on the wrong fax address. As a result, this document proves to be crucial for maintaining the secrecy or confidentiality of the message.

It also contains other relevant information such as date, name of the receiver followed by his/her fax number, name of the sender followed by his/her fax number and number of pages the fax message is likely to contain.

Fax Cover Sheet PDF

A note describing that the message should be ignored if it appears on an incorrect fax machine can be usually seen right at the bottom of the cover sheet. You can use it to convey a message to your lover, friend, relatives, or any other personal contact. Some people might confuse this cover sheet with private fax template which is commonly used for legal or business purposes and which contains a message of confidentiality at the bottom of the cover letter.

Personal fax cover sheet


4) Professional Fax Cover Sheet

A professional cover letter is a professionally designed fax cover template which is perfect for the use of corporate offices and business professionals. It contains the name of the organization and company, phone number, e-mail address or other details of the recipient on the left side of the cover sheet and name of the sender, date, total number of pages, sender’s fax number or other details on the right side of the letter.

It also contains the logo of the Sender Company or organization on the topmost left corner of the cover sheet. However, using it with a standard globe sphere is also a norm which is followed by most of the business organizations and companies.

There isn’t much difference between a basic cover letter and a professional cover letter. However, unlike the basic one, a professional letter can be used to send only professional pointers and alerts to the receiver of the fax message. The professional fax letter can also be used between individuals of the same company but who belong to different departments or between two professionals such as a media person and a cameraman or between a graphic designer to a content manager, etc.

Personal fax cover sheet

PDF Word

5) Confidential Fax Cover Sheet

A confidential cover letter is also a type of professional cover sheet. However, the main difference between the two is that a confidential cover letter must strictly include a message of confidentiality at the bottom of the letter which specifies that the message should be kept totally confidential whereas the professional cover letter need not include this message or comment.

It is usually preferred to send confidential messages to the recipient and the message should be kept confidential as the fax may contain secret information about a business, a health-related issue conveyed to the recipient which has to be kept confidential, legal information or anything which is confidential in nature.

free fax cover sheet PDF

Apart from that, all the other details like information of the sender and the recipient are similar like a professional cover letter. It also contains ‘Confidential’ word written in bold and capitals right before the message so that the recipient remembers it at all times. Also, the message of confidentiality serves to be a disclaimer of this cover sheet.

Personal fax cover sheet


6) Standard Fax Cover Sheet

A standard fax cover page is usually used by organizations before transmitting multiple documents or messages to the concerned party or recipient. It contains the number of pages the message will contain which also includes the count of the cover page as page number 1.

Along with that, the contact details of the sender is included which can be used by the recipient for further communication or if the transmission of the message is not completed correctly. It also consists of the details of the recipient so that it gets delivered to the right person or organization.

Following a standard fax cover is a good idea especially when you want to draft a cover letter on your own. Moreover, you can customize the format of the standard fax cover as per your needs and requirements. A standard fax cover can be drafted in a personal or professional way according to the type and nature of the fax message.

 Fax Cover Sheet


7) Business Fax Cover Sheet

A business fax cover template is similar to the professional fax cover except for the fact that business fax covers are strictly used for business purposes whereas a professional fax letter can be used by professionals as well.

It is usually sent to communicate between two businesses and the documents or message faxed must hold a commercial value for both the parties i.e. the sender and the recipient. Apart from the details of the sender and the recipient, this cover sheet also reflects the nature of the message i.e. if it is urgent, to be reviewed or replied immediately, etc.

The format and structure of a business fax cover are very important for a business as it reflects their work culture and discipline. Therefore, the sender must ensure that the receiver is paid due respect and should also follow the complete etiquettes of the fax that reflects that the sender is a part of a responsible business or enterprise. You can find numerous samples of business fax covers on the internet but only a few of them are perfect and you must use your judgment and analytical skills to determine which one among them is perfect.




8) Medical Fax Cover Sheet

A medical fax cover or letter usually accompanies only the information and details which are related to the health and medicine of a particular individual. While drafting this cover sheet one must ensure that the cover letter complies with the Federal health laws as well.

Also, some of the medical information requires confidentiality which has to be maintained by the recipient as therefore sharing it with a wrong person could prove to be inconvenient on the part of the sender. A person can create his own medical fax letter in word or in PDF format by following and downloading some samples from the internet. Some of these samples are also editable which means that you can add additional details or you can also customize it according to your requirements.

fax cover sheet PDF

Like other fax cover pages, this cover letter also contains information such as date and time of the fax, number of pages, fax number, phone number of the sender and any comments if necessary. The message of confidentiality can be used as a disclaimer at the bottom of the cover letter if the sender deems it necessary. Also, the details of the recipient are usually mentioned on the top of the cover sheet even before the date and body of the cover letter.



9) Mass-Health Fax Cover Sheet

The term ‘Mass-health’ refers to the health insurance that secure the health expenses of adults or children. A masshealth fax letter can be unique since the details included in it differ from the basic and standard fax cover details. For example, the mass-health fax cover will include the sender’s date of birth, his/her SSN (Social Security Number), and such other details that verify the authenticity of the sender.

Moreover, mass-health fax letters should always be included while sending your insurance related documents since they contain information like the documents included in the fax messages and other vital information. It also contains checkboxes that tell whether a particular document has to be provided or not. Here also, the message of confidentiality has to be inscribed as a disclaimer in the bottom and is usually written in bold letters.

Mass-health fax letters prove to be an important document both for the insurance companies and the insurance holders since they carry a lot of information about particular health insurance and its benefits.

Fax Cover Sheet


10) Simple Fax Cover Sheet

A simple fax cover is a fairly basic and simple cover letter which does not carry a lot of information that some other fax cover might include. However, it is still an important piece of document as it contains information like the date on which the fax was sent, details of the sender, the fax number of the recipient and such other details.

It usually starts with the name of the recipient; his/her fax number and date on which the fax message is sent. After that, it follows with the name of the sender; her/his fax number and number of pages the message holds. After that, the sender might issue some useful pointers or alerts to the recipient.

A simple fax cover proves to be useful for people who are not used to drafting or sending fax letters. Therefore, they are able to follow different samples from the internet and from that, they are also able to draft their own fax cover.

simple fax cover


A blank fax cover is usually a simple or any other type of fax cover in which you can enter the details with a pen or even pencil before faxing it to the recipient. A printable fax cover is a fax cover which you can use while sending several printed documents to an organization or office. Both these types of fax covers provide convenience to the user while sending personal, professional or business faxes. You can download the free printable fax letters from the internet and they prove to be beneficial especially for business purposes.

Now let us see them in detail:

11) Blank Fax cover Sheet Template

A blank cover is a basic structure of the fax cover which can be used by beginner or professional users of fax machines while sending a fax message. Sometimes, the user does not have the time to type and create his own PDF or doc version of the fax cover. At such times, he/she can make use of the blank cover sheet template which has all the necessary details that need to be present in a standard fax sheet. The details can be filled out with a pen or pencil by the user before faxing it to the recipient.

Fax Cover Sheet Blank

Let us see a sample of a blank cover template:

-- Blank Fax Cover Sheet Microsoft Word

--Blank Fax Cover Sheet PDF

--Blank Fax Cover Sheet Google Docs

12) Printable Fax Cover Sheets

Printable Fax Covers are ready to use fax letters that are available in different formats and samples on the internet. These fax covers can be medical fax letters, personal fax covers, professional fax covers or any other fax letters which can be downloaded or printed by the user as per their needs and requirements.

fax cover sheet template PDF

The printed covers can be filled with proper instructions and details before sending it to the recipient. Therefore, a sender has to be aware of the fax cover types and their purposes completely before printing or using them to their advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How to Send a Fax from Gmail?

Gmail and other e-mail service providers have made communication far more easy and fast but still, there are many instances where a person has to send a fax message to his business partner, Health Insurance Company or for any other personal, professional or business purposes. Now, Gmail does not have an inbuilt tool or setup to send a fax but you can make use of third party online fax providers that are compatible with Gmail in order to send a fax from your Gmail account.

Let us see how to do that in steps:

Step 1: Register on an online fax provider like Nextiva, RingCentral, etc. Now, some online fax providers offer free thirty day trial period in which you can send unlimited faxes or a limited number of faxes on a daily basis. You might have to purchase tokens or credits once the free trial period gets over.

Step 2: Click on the ‘new message’ option by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘compose button’ on the top left corner of your Gmail account.

Step 3: Now, you need to type the cover sheet in the body of the mail. You can make use of the standard cover letter templates that are easily available on the internet.

Step 4: After that, you can append the document or fax message in the form of an attachment. This can be either doc, PDF or any other form of attachment which is supported by Gmail. The documents can be attached using the ‘paper clip’ symbol that you can find on the right side of the ‘Send’ option of Gmail.

Step 5: Now, enter the fax number of the recipient and all the other details as area code, the domain of the e-fax account you are using, etc. so that your fax message goes to the right person. For example, if you are using an e-fax account and want to send a fax message to the fax machine 12345, then you need to use 12345@(efaxdomainname).com in order to send a fax to a particular person.

Step 6: You can click on the send button once all these details are entered and you are sure about your fax sheet.

Note: Do not expect your fax to be sent as immediately as your Gmail account sends an e-mail because the speed of the fax message also depends on the fax service provider you are utilizing.

How to Receive a Fax?

If you have availed the services of an online fax service provider then you will receive a notification on your email whenever someone sends a fax message to you. You will also get the documents and message of the fax as a PDF or word attachment in the e-mail.

However, all of us do not use an e-fax service provider. Therefore, we are pretty much dependent on the fax machine we are using in order to send or receive fax messages. If the settings of your fax machine are right then you will automatically receive the hard copy of the message on your machine.

Usually, these fax messages are followed after a brief fax letter which includes information of the fax such as the fax number for which the message is intended, the contact number of the sender, number of pages the document has and much more. Therefore, you need to check all these details to ensure that you have received the fax from the right person and you can also use it to verify whether you have received the fax message completely by cross-checking the pages on the cover letter.

You also have to ensure that your fax machine is working, the power socket is plugged in correctly and there are sufficient ink and toner in the machine. Also, do not forget to cross-verify whether there are surplus numbers of pages in your fax machine. To avoid unnecessary faxes, you should share your fax number only with the individuals and companies from whom you are expecting important fax messages.

You will hear a low but audible sound from the fax machine whenever it receives a message. However, do not hurry to remove the printed material from the machine while it is still printing. Also, ensure that the fax was meant for you once you have received it completely.

How to receive a fax without a fax machine?

Yes, it is possible to send and receive a fax message even without a fax machine. You can make use of the online fax service providers that provide fax services to their customers. This is not only economically feasible but also saves the time and effort you spend in order to maintain the working condition and efficiency of your fax machine.

These online fax service providers allow you to register via your e-mail account so that you get a notification on your e-mail box whenever someone faxes you. Not only that, the actual document and message of the fax can be downloaded as the fax content is sent as an attachment with your e-mail. This makes it very easy and convenient for you to receive a fax without a fax machine.

There are many online fax service providers in the market but not all of them are reliable. Services provided by reliable companies such as Cisco, AT&T, etc. should be preferred to maintain the secrecy and authenticity of the received faxes.

How to send a fax online?

Today, sending fax online is much easier than it was before as there are numerous online fax service providers in the market. You can also send a fax from your computer if you are using a Windows operating system. However, for that, you will need to connect a fax machine with your computer with the help of a modem which is not a lucrative option for everyone.

You can directly send a fax using an online fax service provider that can be merged with your existing e-mail account. After registering for the online fax service you just need to draft a mail that will work as the cover sheet of your fax and after that, you can attach your fax message in the form of PDF, word or any other attachment.

How to use a fax machine?

Let us learn how to use a fax machine by adhering to the below steps:

Step 1: Turn your fax machine on. If the machine does not start, check whether the power cable is plugged in properly into to socket and also into a telephone jack.

Step 2: Note down the fax number of the recipient properly, Any mistake in writing down the fax number will either waste your effort or the fax might be directed towards a wrong person which can actually prove to be much more dreadful.

Step 3: Collect all the documents you wish to send and analyze them properly. Arrange them in the correct order.

Step 4: Draft a fax cover to include all the basic and crucial details of your fax. You can also fill out a fax coverby downloading free templates which are readily available on the internet.

Step 5: Place the documents on the feeder tray. Ensure that the first document is your cover sheet.

Step 6: Enter the fax number of the recipient.

Step 7: After confirming that the documents are correct, you can press the ‘Fax’ button to send the fax.

How to fill out a fax cover sheet?

Find the right fax cover for your fax message and download it. It is usually available in PDF or word format. If the cover sheet is in PDF format then you will have to convert it into word format using an online PDF to word converter. After converting the cover sheet into a word file, you can fill the details such as your fax number, the recipient’s fax number, etc.


How to make a fax cover sheet?

Follow a suitable template by checking the online samples and templates available on the internet. Now, open a word document and start drafting your sheet as per the reference cover letter. You can also convert the cover sheet into a PDF document once you have filled out all the details correctly.