Christmas Bonus Letter Template – Sample and Example

A Christmas bonus letter basically does the official job of conveying the Christmas bonus from the employer to the employees. In Western and European culture the Christmas eve is considered to be a very auspicious opportunity to provide the employees with a bonus. So, for the same reason, most companies come forward and address the bonus letter to the employees.

The letter works as the official declaration of the bonus along with the other details to the employees. Bonus is a kind of monetary reward to the employees from the employer which is often paid year after year. There are several types of the bonuses such as the fixed yearly bonus or the performance-oriented bonus. The whole concept of a bonus is to honor and reward the sheer dedication and diligence of the employees.

Sample Christmas Bonus Letter with Example

Well, as we know that the Christmas bonus letter is the formal letter of bonus communication between the employer and the employees. It's therefore significant to prepare this letter with the utmost care and standards measures.

If you are wondering about the method to draft the Christmas bonus letter on your own then we are here to guide you in the same. The article shall cover the samples and the examples of the bonus letter on the occasion of Christmas. Readers can take the reference of the sample letters to understand the standard prerequisites of this letter. They can accordingly draft this bonus letter in their respective usage for the employer or the company.

Christmas Bonus Letter to Employee from Employer

The Christmas bonus letter is always addressed by the employer to the employee in the course of employment. It's because the employer is the only individual who has the authority to announce and communicate the bonus news to the employees. So, as an employer, you should draft a formal yet friendly bonus letter for your employees. You can therefore take the reference of the letter from the below-mentioned sample letter.

December 15, 2019

Name of Company
Formal Address

Subject - Christmas Bonus Announcement

Dear Ren, We take the utmost pleasure in announcing that we are going to provide you and our other employees a Christmas bonus. This is the perfect opportunity to wish the noble festival of joy and holidays. We wish to make it special enough for our employees by providing them the best possible amount of the employee's bonus.

This is just a small token of appreciation from us for their noble work and loyalty to the company. We, therefore, wish you the very best and blessing season of holidays and festivals. Kindly consider meeting HR at the office to accept your Christmas bonus.

Thanks & regards

Christmas Bonus Letter to Staff

Well, the Christmas bonus is something that is mostly offered to the entire staff of the workplace as a whole. It's because this is the general festival season bonus and is not performance-specific. So, as an employer, you should reach out to all the employees of the company to wish them Merry Christmas with their bonus. So, you can use the bonus letter for the same, and the sample of which is available below.

December 8, 2019

Dear Team,

We as a family are glad to announce the yearly Christmas bonus to all the employees of the company. This is the best time of the year to share and celebrate the joy of festivals and the holidays together. With the Christmas bonus, we just wish to bring a smile of joy to the face of our employees.

We value them and a bonus is the least possible thing we could do to cherish their work and dedication towards the work. With this, we would like to wish Merry Christmas to all our workplace families and wish them all the very best ahead.

Thanks & regards

This is a fine example and the sample letter of Christmas bonus to the employees. We, therefore, believe this sample letter would be of some insight for all the employers who are looking forward to announcing the Christmas bonus for the employees. They can use these sample letters as the source of reference to design their own unique bonus letter.

Christmas Bonus Letter Template in PDF and Word

Christmas Bonus Letter to Staff

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Christmas Bonus Letter to Employee from Employer

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