Free Printable March Calendar 2020 Template in PDF Word Excel

March Calendar 2020: Calendar is an essential document that is needed to be referred to by everyone on a daily basis. This is because people across the globe are always busy and live a hectic schedule of work and other activities. Under such a situation, most of the people may forget to see important anniversaries, birthdays, and meetings. Suppose, people are about to enter the month of March 2020, they will need to refer to March 2020. This is to manage all the events that will take place in the month of March. 


In our modern day Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar, the month of March 2020 will appear as the third month of the year 2020. Originally, this month was referred to as the first month of the year, according to the Roman calendar. This is owing to the reason that March was associated with the first day of spring. It was also named as Martius Mensis, according to Latin.  March is also named after the Roman war of god. However, equinox comes during this month, usually on 19th, 20th, or 21st day. March was also regarded earlier as the month when war would restart after winter. During Middle English period, this month was known as Marche or March. On the other hand, during the time of Old English, it was called Martius. 


During 700 BCE, January was regarded as the first month, according to the calendar. Even though first of January is celebrated as New Year’s Day, there are other religions and cultures who even now regard March as their new year. 

A) March 2020 Printable Calendar

March 2020 will consist of thirty one days. The Roman calendar consisted of only ten months. Here, the month of March was considered to be the first month of the year. This month will commence on the same day of the week coinciding with November and February. It will also end on the same day of the week like June, similar to other calendar years.

March 2020 Printable Calendar


Stone and Birth Flower of March

Aquamarine and blood stone are the birth stones of March. These stones symbolize courage. The birth flower of March is daffodil.

March 2020 Printable Calendar


B) March 2020 Blank Calendar

Some of the facts about the month of March include:

  • Animals  will start to wake up from hibernation during this time of the year
  • In March 2020 calendar, the term March, will have three successive consonants
  • On 10th March 1876, Alexander Graham Bell who discovered the phone, made the first call to Mr. Watson, his assistant.

March 2020 Blank Calendar


C) For Students/Kids

This printable calendar will certainly be a great advantage for several people. March 2020 will be the financial ending of the year. Anyone can prepare a plan of activities and generate a print out, to remember about the end of the financial year. With the help of today’s digital technology, it is possible to use gadgets like laptop, smart phone or tablet as a calendar instead of printing March 2020 calendar.

March 2020 Calendar For Students/Kids


Several people across the world prefer to possess editable calendars. This method is regarded as the best choice as digital devices can be utilized to edit them. Some of these changes in March 2020 calendar can be done through appropriate apps. They may consist of fonts, design, color and additional information that may be incorporated in the calendar. People can use March 2020 calendar as reminders after filling added information in the suitable blank spaces.

March 2020 Calendar For Kids


D) March Holiday Calendar 2020

The number of holidays in March 2020 is believed to be less. Usually people anticipate eagerly for holidays to relax and spend some time away from work. The planning for any holiday can be done only if it is known earlier. Hence, it is through the calendar that this can be known. It will be possible to download March 2020 calendar in anyone’s gadget. Later, it can be printed, if required.

March Holiday Calendar 2020


For the purpose of planning tours and holidays, many people get the assistance of calendars. This is owing to the fact that people are aware that calendars are considered to provide accurate information. Such calendars will be extremely useful to remember important meetings or submission dates of projects. The changes regarding holidays and other events can be added on printed calendars, depending on the requirement of the person. Printed or printable calendars are extremely useful for people who often verify their planners or schedulers. 

Some of the important birthdays of famous personalities will be printed in March 2020 calendar. They include:

  • Birth anniversary of Albert Einstein, well known physicist, will be celebrated on March 14, 2020. He was born in Ulm, based in Germany on March 14, 1879
  • Birth anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach, a famous music composer, will be celebrated on March 21, 2020. He was born on March 21, 1685 in Eisenach, located in Germany
  • Birthday of Celine Dion, the famous singer, will be celebrated on March 30, 2020. He was born in a place known as Charlemagne based in Canada, on 30th March, 1968.     

E) With Notes

  1. St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated on March 17, 2020. It is done in the honor of St.Patrick, who was the saint of Ireland. He converted the Irish to Christianity. Before his death, St. Patrick had formed several churches, monasteries and schools. The emigrants, who specially went to the US, were the people who converted St.Patricks Day to celebrate as a secular holiday.

March Calendar 2020 With Notes


F) Landscape Format

  1. International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th in 2020. This celebration exhibits the courage shown by ordinary women. They might have contributed something extraordinary to their community or country. The important theme for International Women’s Day 2020 will be ‘innovate for change, build smart and think equal.’ This theme will focus on the empowerment of the women in special methods and on gender equality. Women teachers will be honored on this day. Special celebrations may be organized in workplaces as well through in-house notices, newsletters or by providing gifts to their women employees. 

2020 March Calendar in Landscape


Free March 2020 Monthly Calendar Template in PDF, Word & EXCEL Format

1. In PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2
  3. PDF Template 3
  4. PDF Template 4
  5. PDF Template 5

2. In Word Format

  1. Word Template 1
  2. Word Template 2
  3. Word Template 3
  4. Word Template 4
  5. Word Template 5

3. In Excel Format

  1. Excel Template 1
  2. Excel Template 2
  3. Excel Template 3
  4. Excel Template 4
  5. Excel Template 5

If a person wishes to make this day, March 2020, as something special, it can be marked on a his or her blank March 2020 calendar in advance.

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