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Today on the web, it is possible for people to find a variety of December 2020 Calendar options that are available. They are found in different designs and colours. Printable 2020 Calendar can be found in formats like JPG or PDF or in blank forms. Besides, it is also possible to find calendars in designs like, MS Office consisting of Word and Excel. Hence, people can choose the right one to serve their purpose. These calendars enable them to keep an eye on their day to day events, look for birthdays, and other important holidays. In the case of blank December 2020 Calendars, they will also be available in a variety of designs. People can opt for both horizontal as well as vertical calendars, which can be downloaded free of charge from the web.

A) December 2020 Printable Calendar

Before looking into the actual Calendar, people should be aware about the different systems of calendar that is available, today. Hence, for everyday, any complete system of calendar offers different dates. In this regard, it is essential to mention that the cycle of a week by itself cannot be considered as a system of full calendar. However, the cycles of a calendar can be matched with periodic phenomena such as Solar Calendar, Lunar Calendar and Lunisolar Calendar. Coming to, it should be understood that the month of December, provides thirty-one days and will occupy the twelfth position in a year. Earlier, it had occupied the tenth position in the Roman calendar till 153 BCE. However, according to the modern day calendars like Gregorian and Julian, it is the last and twelfth month of the year. Here the word ‘decem’ means ten, which is derived from the Latin word.  Other names by which the month December was referred to was ‘decembre’ in Middle English, and in Old English, it was known as month before ‘yule.’ According to history, originally the length of December was kept short by twenty-nine days. Thereafter, around 700 BCE, months of January and February were added. After reformation in the Julian calendar, two days were added to make the length of twenty-nine days to thirty-one days.

December 2020 Printable Calendar


B) December 2020 Blank Calendar

In the year 2020 calendar, the month of December will be considered as the seasonal equivalent of June in the opposite hemisphere. This month will reflect the season of winter solstice, and the day will be the shortest in the year. December will be recognized as the starting of winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. The commencement of December month will be on the same day of the week, every year, like in September. The former month concludes again on the same day of the week, similar to April, every year.

December 2020 Blank Calendar


C) December Holiday Calendar 2020

Blue zircon, Turquoise and Tanzanite are the birthstones of December, respectively. Euphorbia pulcherrima or Holly is the birth flower of December.

Being the twelfth month of the year, people will experience the events of gift giving, humanity, and love. The events that occur include New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations. It may be noted that the month, December, will enable people to think about decisions and about New Year beginnings. Besides, December 2020 Calendar can be considered as a perfect time to review what tasks have to be completed through the end of the year. Accordingly, people can think of planning further for the forthcoming year.

December Holiday Calendar 2020


Winter in the Northern Hemisphere will commence on 21st December, 2020. It will extend till 20th March, 2021. Winter can be enjoyed by skiing or riding on a sleigh with friends or family.

D) For Kids

December 25th, 2020 Calendar, will witness the celebration of Christmas. This is a yearly festivity of the birthday of Lord Jesus that will be eagerly anticipated. It will be observed as a holiday and celebrated the world over. Besides this, New Year’s Eve, which will fall on 31st December, 2020, will also be observed in several countries across the globe. It may be celebrated through social events where people enjoy eating, drinking, dancing and observing colourful fireworks to augment the New Year, 2021.

December 2020 Calendar For Kids


A person may be able to derive maximum advantage about the various holidays during the month of December 2020, through a printable calendar like, PDF and JPEG formats. This will be like an assistant for proper and beneficial planning of the holidays.

E) For Students

It can be executed through a blank December 2020 Calendar, since the whole month of December will be considered as valuable. On a December 2020 Calendar template, he or she will be able to enter important events, birthdays, holidays and many more, through drawing or typing on it. Such a calendar will surely be a great help to people to organize all the activities thoroughly and enjoy the special days in December.

December 2020 Calendar For students


Some of the facts about December 2020 are listed below. They include:

  1. Most of the marriage proposals will be accepted during this month of December 2020.They will occur in the week that leads to Christmas.
  2. December will be Pear Month, Fruitcake Month, and National Eggnog Month in the US.
  3. According to an almanac prediction, if there is a snow fall on the Day of Christmas, Easter in the forthcoming year will be sunny, green and warm.
  4. The song known as ‘Jingle bells’ was meant to be a song of Thanksgiving. It was composed in the year 1857.
  5. On the 7th Day of December, the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance will be observed. 
  6. On the 1st of December, Word Aids Day will be celebrated.

F) With Notes

  1. In the US, 25th day of December will be observed as Christmas Day. Just after Thanksgiving holiday, traditionally, the festive season of Christmas will commence on the fourth Thursday of November itself. In this regard, in the City of New York, a parade will be organized wherein the smiling figure of Santa Claus will be displayed. This will depict the commencement of season meant for Christmas shopping. During this season, small shops, malls, and department stores will prepare to sell items like greeting cards, apparels, gifts, and Christmas trees.

People should not forget about booking this important date of Christmas Day on the December 2020, printable 2020 Calendar. This will help them to start planning their celebration in advance of two to three months.

december 2020 calendar with notes


  1. New Year’s Eve will be celebrated on the day of December, 31st, 2020. This day will be celebrated yearly, which will fall on the last day of December. On this day, several parties will be held, especially in the evenings. In the US, many people observe New Year’s Eve as an important social day. In general, attending special celebrations and New Year welcoming parties will be organized, which people plan to attend. Public events will be held in large scale in several cities in the US. Often, thousands of people can be seen to be attracted towards these events.

G) Landscape Format

Further, December 31st will be observed as a Federal Holiday in the US. It falls in the season of holidays, at the end of the year. In states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Kentucky it will be observed as a holiday. Many of educational institutions and schools throughout the US will be closed on this day. However, some of the business organizations will be closed, but people can expect limited hours of service. 

People who wish to prepare for celebrating New Year’s Eve can mark this day on their blank 2020 December Calendar, beforehand. By looking at this date, they will not forget to shop their requirements, as shopping centres and roads will be crowded on this important day. 

december 2020 calendar in landscape format


H) A4 Format

  1. The greatest composers of music in the world, known as Ludwig Van Beethoven, was born on December 16, 1770 at place called in Bonn, in Germany.  His birthday will be celebrated on December 16, 2020.
  2. Walt Disney was recognized as one of the most famous innovative and prolific creators of world animation. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, US. His birthday will be celebrated on the 5th day of December, 2020.
  3. One of the most famous opera singers of twentieth century, known as American-born Greek soprano Maria Callas, was born in Manhattan, New York. The birthday of this noted singer will be celebrated on December 2, 2020.  
  4. American musician and actor, director and screenwriter, Woody Allen, was born in a place called, The Bronx, in New York. The birthday of this famous person will be celebrated on December 1, 2020.
  5. Legendry American Rock Singer, known as Jim Morrison, was born in Florida. His birthday will be celebrated on the 8th of December, 2020.

People can look at the major events of December in history before they fill it on their template of December 2020 Calendar. These events are considered as important as can refer to them at any time.

december 2020 calendar A4 Format


An important event was held in the history of the US on December 11, 1997. This will be remembered as global warming session that was held in a place known as Kyoto, Japan, as a part of Kyoto Protocol. According to this protocol, 150 countries across the globe participated in this conference and agreed that global warming is occurring at present.   

December 2020 Monthly Calendar Template in PDF, Word & Excel Format

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2. In Word Format

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3. In Excel Format

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