Free Printable August 2020 Calendar Template in PDF, Excel Word

According to the earlier versions of Roman calendar, originally August 2020 Calendar was considered to be the tenth month. Later, it was said to be the sixth month having thirty-one days. Earlier, it was known as Sextilis. This name is derived from the language Latin.  Octavian, the first Roman Emperor, selected Sextilis and within the Julian calendar August became the eighth month after the addition of January and February. 

It is essential to know that the month of August does not commence on the same day of the week in comparison to any other month in common years. However, the ending of August is identical to the same day of the week as that of November, every year. It should be noted that during the time of Leap years, August will commence on the same day as February.  Besides, the month of August will still end on the same day as in November. 

The month of August is named after Augustus Caesar who lived in 8 BCE. It has thirty-one days and occupies the eighth position of the year. It has a Latin name known as Augustus mensis or the Month Augustus. It can also be referred to as sextilis mensis in Latin or the Sixth month of the year.  

Poppy or gladiolus is the birth flower of August. This indicates family, marriage, love, strength and beauty. Onyx or Peridot is considered to be the birthstone for August.

A) August 2020 Printable Calendar

With the help of a august calendar, the various activities can be planned and customized by a person. Such an action will make it easy for the planner to be with the family and enjoy the activities together. This printable calendar for August 2020 will play different roles for each person. The calendar is an important part of the people as it will enable a person to monitor the day, month and year. This can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

August 2020 Printable Calendar


B) August 2020 Blank Calendar

Printing Blank 2020 August Calendar will be very easy nowadays. Templates will be available on the web and can be downloaded by using a colour printer. Necessary printable formats like JPG or PDF can be used for this purpose.

August 2020 Blank Calendar


August 2020 Blank Calendar


A calendar is certainly very useful for people who are extremely busy. It will be the same for those who will follow August Calendar 2020. With the passing of time, everyday responsibilities will increase. There may be several activities that have to be performed within a day, month or a year. Some people may be able to carry out things in an easy manner. But, for others, stress and fatigue accompany them, while conducting their work. Hence, life can be managed in a simple, easy and prearranged manner with the help of owning August Calendar. 

C) August Holiday Calendar 2020

In the US Purple Heart Day will be celebrated on 7th of August 2020. This day will be celebrated as an unofficial holiday. Purple Heart Medal, a military commemorative medal, was created to honour soldiers who were injured or died in a battle. This medal was given to all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives while on duty. Hence, it will be celebrated to pay tribute to them.

August Holiday Calendar 2020


August 2020 will represent two important things. Summer will be at its peak, tempting people to enjoy their outdoor activities. On the other hand, Fall, will remind students about their school activities, which they may have to complete. These two can be balanced well if a person can enter the events in 2020 Calendar. 

In today’s world, time management is extremely essential. Planning and executing all the activities according to the specific time, are a great requirement. Every person will have to perform the job in the best possible way within the time limit. There will be no need to worry if the activities are pre-planned and entered in 2020 Calendar. 

D) With Notes

It is said that August Calendar will not have any certified holidays. But, several Americans do avail of holidays during this month. For the citizens in the US, August will be the busiest month for encouraging tourism. August is recognized as the main holiday period for schools. Several people may visit the beach for relaxation. While some Americans may enjoy participating in mountain hiking, others may prefer to spend time with family at home.

August 2020 Calendar with Notes


Usually the temperature during the month of August may vary from eighty degrees F to ninety degrees F. Many visitors also wish to visit the National Parks in this period. In the opposite hemisphere, it is considered as the seasonal equivalent to the month of February.

E) For Kids

The best part of owning Calendar is that may not be essential to remember every event that can happen in that particular month. In fact, a person should know that this calendar will act as an assistant without any skills of speaking. On the other hand, if a person has selected or entered the events in 2020 Calendar, all that he or she will need to do is to refer to them throughout the entire week. This can be practiced even for the entire month as well.

August 2020 Calendar for Kids


F) Landscape Format

August 2020 Calendar for Kids


It is important to note that in the month of August, the name of full moon is referred to as the largest fish of North America. It is known as lake sturgeon. Besides this, the other names of the full moon in this month include Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, Green Corn Moon, and grain Moon. In the month of August 2020, this moon will be reflected in a Lake, which will be enchanting to see. 

The month of August 2020 will be considered as the most valuable month. The reason is that it will be the last month of summer, thus transforming the holidays into the busiest days. In fact, this August 2020 month will help any person to complete all the fun activities. It will be possible for everyone to schedule all the desired activities that will fit into the thirty-one days by having a well designed August Calendar template.  The month of August will hold a special slot in the 2020 Calendar as busy work will commence again. In this regard, most of the people will desire to make use of the month of August to its best.

It is possible to use an August 2020 floral calendar that has orientation in the horizontal direction. Such types of calendars will be considered as perfect choice for any person planning his or her activities in the month of August. In this digital era, it will be possible to obtain free printable August 2020 Floral Calendar with holidays. The background of such types of calendars will be made out of textured paper, and the hand painted floral elements will look excellent. It will be inspiring to possess such beautiful and artistic based August 2020 Floral Calendars. They will be available in a variety of formats such as JPEG and PDF and can be printed easily using any type of digital devices. Through the use of such types of floral calendars, it will be possible for any person to plan the entire activities during August  month, in advance. All the activities of summer can be accommodated into the thirty-one days, depicted in these types of calendars. Hence, for making this type of planning a successful one, it will be essential to have a well designed Calendar template. Hence, with such calendars, it will be possible to make the organizing and scheduling activities, a lively one.

Coming to August Calendar printable templates, it will be possible to get them in a variety of designs. These templates will enable anyone to plan his or her activities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as well. Here, arrangements on the calendar will be made available to the user in both vertical as well as horizontal directions. These template calendars of August can be printed in a variety of colour modes that can be selected. Besides, it will be possible to customize the colour to match any design of the template.

G) In A4/Portrait

2020 August Calendar in A4/Portrait


There will be creative and artistic designs that can make an 2020 August Calendar look more impressive and appealing to anyone’s eyes, today.  These will be featured in the form of templates with different themes. Back to school and Travel themes will be some of the most innovative themes, which will be used in 2020 Calendar. Besides, users can observe photo template themes incorporated in this calendar. The photo themes will be nothing but a selfie picture or a picture showing surfing. People looking at such Calendar templates will really be motivated to cheer up often, when they turn their eyes towards such theme based calendars.

August 2020 Monthly Calendar Template in PDF, Word & Excel Format

In PDF Format

  1. PDF Template 1
  2. PDF Template 2
  3. PDF Template 3
  4. PDF Template 4
  5. PDF Template 5

In Word Format

  1. Word Template 1
  2. Word Template 2
  3. Word Template 3
  4. Word Template 4
  5. Word Template 5

In Excel Format

  1. Excel Template 1
  2. Excel Template 2
  3. Excel Template 3
  4. Excel Template 4
  5. Excel Template 5

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